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  • Equipment:Five

    Pool filters catch debris, including soil, leaves, dead skin, hair  and sometimes bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts (more commonly treated by the disinfection system).

  • Equipment:Six

    The pool heater’s primary function is to maintain the water temperature in the pool vessel — approximately 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, for regular activity pools and 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for whirlpools.

  • Equipment:Seven

    The pump is the “heart” of the pool system, pumping the water to and through the entire system.

  • Equipment:Two

    Pools require chemicals. Processes of disinfection, oxidation and pH control are the most common chemical requirements that necessitate a feeder.

  • Equipment:Three

    Here's a look at chemical processes:

  • Equipment:Four

    The purpose of outdoor and indoor pool covers is to save money.

  • Equipment - Supplemental Sanitation: Chemicals

    Here's a look at chemical processes:

  • Equipment - Pool Covers

    The purpose of outdoor and indoor pool covers is to save money. Hundreds of pools across the country are facing budgetary crises and are closing because of income shortfalls.

  • Equipment:One

    Automation. This is the word used to describe the fancy, flashy and functional box that hangs on the pump-room wall to regulate the pool’s chemical feed.

  • Facility Operations - Aquatic Play Amenities

    Today a wide variety of aquatic attractions are available, with the most common being play structures, water slides, lazy rivers, activity pools and wave pools.