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  • FINA USA Diving Grand Prix

  • Water Safety Campaigns Catching Fire

    Several annual water safety programs are heating up, and there’s at least one new event. Here’s a look at what’s going on.

  • 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Programming

    So you’ve decided you’re ready to offer health and programming at your leisure facility. Next you need practical ideas to get you there. Here are five operator-tested strategies to pump things up — for you and your facility.

  • Carrie Haupert-Fullerton

    Carrie Haupert-Fullerton had some big shoes to fill when she got a job working at the front desk of her local pool, and helping with special events

  • The Color of Victory

    By the time you read this, I know some of your excitement about the 2012 Olympic Games may have fizzled out

  • The Aquatics X Factor

    The email came with an air of desperation, but also, it turns out, the seeds of inspiration.

  • AI to Host Third Annual Virtual Conference

    On Nov. 8, Aquatics International will launch “The Aquatics X Factor — Unleash the Power of Water.

  • Let’s Put on a Show

    When Wild Waves opened for the season in 2011, operators debuted a high-dive show, “Beach Party” (with interactive games designed to get kids involved), and “Poolside Bop” (a 1950s style doo-wop singing experience)

  • Aquatics Set to Break Records with World’s Largest Swim Lesson

    The second annual World’s Largest Swimming Lesson is scheduled for June 14, 2011.

  • Movie Magic

    Inthe summer of 2006 hordes of people, all clad in swimsuits, bunched together lawn chairs on the Oak Bluff Beach of Martha’s Vineyard