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  • History Lesson

    In 1988, Ronald Reagan was still in the White House and a first-class stamp cost 24 cents.

  • Goodbye, Hello

    I’ve written a lot of columns in my nearly 10 years as editor of

  • Bruce Wigo

    They say you’ve got to understand where you’ve been to get where you’re going, and Bruce Wigo strives to do just that

  • The Springboard in the Pond: An Intimate History of the Swimming Poo

    In the introduction, author Thomas A.P. van Leeuwen, Professor of Architectural History and Criticism at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands, begins: "The Springboard in the Pond is a reflective history of the origin and the evolution of the priva

  • Golden Moments

    More than 211 million Americans tuned in to watch the Beijing Olympics, making it the most-watched event in U.S. television history, according to Nielsen Media Research. In case you missed the action, here’s a recap of what happened, and a glimpse at prep

  • Finding Balance

    Imagine London, circa 1950

  • Design Evolution

    Over the past two decades, many rectangular neighborhood pools that were state-of-the-art in the 1950s and ?60s became the ?dinosaurs of the industry.

  • Leisure Pools

    If you were to have asked someone to describe a pool 20 years ago, they’d probably have drawn something rectangular with six or eight lanes for swimming.

  • The Original Million Dollar Mermaid:The Annette Kellerman Story

    The modern world of Aquatics has produced some incredible personalities during the past 125+ years.

  • The Great Swim

    During the summer of 1926, journalists from America and Europe focused their readers' attention on who would become the first woman to swim the English Channel.