More stories about History

  • Questionable Values

    Not so long ago, the ability to swim was considered a valuable skill in America, so valuable, you couldn’t graduate from many colleges without it

  • Golden Opportunity

    A mid the bustle of Tiananmen Square is a semitrailer-sized digital sign that once counted down the seconds before Hong Kong’s return to China

  • Challenging Conventional Wisdom

    History is littered with examples of people mistaking collective wisdom for scientific fact. Probably the most notorious is the flat-earth theory. It took science and research to disprove that notion and show that, in fact, our world is quite the opposite

  • A Matter of Maturity

    In America, 15-year-olds aren’t allowed to do much, at least not legally.

  • Letter from Garfield, N.J.

    Tomahawk Lake Waterpark celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002. It’s been quite a journey.

  • Letter from Kalispell, Mont.

    The city of Kalispell’s Bruckhauser Pool, completed in 1937, will see its last swim season in 2003.

  • Letter from Elgin, Ill.

    When attorney William Wing bequeathed 121 acres of wooded farmland to Elgin, Ill., in 1902, the community of more than 20,000 had no swimming pool.

  • Letter from West Palm Beach, Fla.

    The Holmes family in the Palm Beaches area has long been involved in aquatics, beginning with Capt. Lincoln Holmes, a boat builder who came to West Palm Beach in 1895 from Long Island, N.Y.

  • Letter from Givens Hot Springs, Idaho

    When thinking of aquatics, no history of the subject would be complete without mentioning hot springs

  • Letter from Milwaukee, Wis.

    The days were golden — sun, water, sand … and a raft. I was one lethal kid, guaranteed to hit hard and hit fast, sending all comers off the raft, flying into the lake. I won most of those King of the Raft games!