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  • Where It’s @

    Long gone are the days when you could slap up a basic, static Website and call it a day.

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    The next time you walk out on your pool deck and it’s a busy day, take a look around.

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    Guess what? That gorgeous Website you launched last year is already nearly out of date. 

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    Marketing is a lion.

  • Aquatics Pros Turning to Online Education

    Distance learning is a growing trend showing no signs of stopping.

  • John Oliver

    In some ways, John Oliver could be considered the first aquatics “YouTube star.” He started as an intern at West Bend Mutual Insurance in 2008 with just a love of swimming and some knowledge of insurance/risk management


    The Aquatics International Waterparks + Resorts enewsletter is launching in January 2013.

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    From Alexander Graham Bell to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, communication technology has come a long way.