More stories about Leadership

  • Amanda Tarrier

    Just nine years ago, Amanda Tarrier was a college student at Wesleyan University, finishing up a degree in earth and environmental science

  • Chuck Neuman

    From the time he started his first business, a pool construction company, in 1973, Chuck Neuman has never been afraid to dig into a new project

  • Carl Nylander

    Since his days as an age group swimmer in Atlanta, aquatics has become more than a sport for Carl Nylander

  • Capt. Charles Otto III

    He hasn’t found a cure for cancer or put an end to the common cold, but the United States is a healthier nation thanks to Capt

  • John Linn

    Just as Walt Disney was the man behind the mouse, you might say John Linn is the man behind the whale

  • Colleen Maitoza

    You won’t find many environmental health professionals as dedicated to aquatics as Colleen Maitoza

  • Ellen Meyer

    For most people, chemistry is just another class they took in high school, but Ellen Meyer sees it as much more

  • Franceen Gonzales

    Franceen Gonzales was proud when Great Wolf Lodge opened in Mason, Ohio, in 2006. She was the corporate director of aquatics at Madison, Wis.-based Great Wolf Resorts, overseeing operations and maintenance of the company’s nine waterparks.

  • Frank Guido

    As assistant Commissioner at the Westchester County (N.Y.) Bureau of Public Health Protection, Frank Guido was responsible for 600 public pools and more than 40 public bathing beaches

  • Joe Hunsaker

    Joe Hunsaker has spent a lifetime making his mark in aquatics, first as a national level competitive swimmer, and later as a founder of one of the nation’s leading aquatic design firms, Counsilman-Hunsaker