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  • Risk Management - Signage

    Largely ignored for decades, water safety signage has, at best, conformed to 1940s guidelines for workplace safety.

  • Lifeguard Sex Scandal Prompts Second Lawsuit

    A 21-year-old former lifeguard has filed what is now the second lawsuit against the Volusia County (Fla.) Beach Patrol alleging sexual misconduct

  • Schools Hit with Drowning Lawsuits

    Across the nation, three drowning-related lawsuits have made headlines recently, raising questions over the safety of school-related swimming

  • Risk Management Quiz

    Aquatics International University's Lifeguarding Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of risk management issues including insurance basics, signage and protecting against liability.

  • USA Swimming Named In Far Reaching Sex Abuse Lawsuit

    A civil lawsuit has been filed against USA Swimming and other organizations on behalf of a 15-year-old girl who was abused by her swim coach

  • Controversial Club Sued for Discrimination

    Huntingdon Valley Swim Club, the facility that received national criticism after turning away a camp group of 56 minority children,is on the receiving end of a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Justice Department.

  • Coach Accused of Sex Crimes

    The San Jose (Calif.) Aquatics swim club and its former coach, Andrew King, were named in a civil lawsuit filed by a 15-year-old girl and her father.

  • Aquatics Lawsuits Ongoing

    Lawsuits stemming from several high-profile incidents at aquatics facilities now are making their way through the nation?s court systems.