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  • Florida Waterpark Negligent in Lifeguard Lightning Death

    Adventure Island waterpark has been found negligent in connection with the 2011 lightning strike death of a lifeguard, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • AI Connect Top 5

    Did Ellis Go Too Far Firing Lifeguard Trying to Save Drowning Victim?

  • Get Fresh

    You’ve heard it before — “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This simple phrase rings especially true when referring to lifeguard skills

  • City Settles Discrimination Lawsuit with Former Lifeguard

    Ocean City, N.J., has agreed to a monetary settlement with a former Beach Patrol lifeguard, who sued claiming age discrimination

  • OSHA Investigating Rare Lightning Strike Death

    The Occupational Health and Safety Administration office in Tampa, Fla., is investigating the death of 21-year-old Justin Inversso, who was working as a lifeguard at Adventure Island when he was struck by lightning in September

  • On Guard? 

    Imagine the worst case scenario at an aquatics facility. If you’re like most professionals, that probably ends with a drowning death

  • Lifeguard Killed by Lightning Strike

    A lifeguard was killed when he was struck by lightning earlier this month

  • Emergency Training

    CPR training is an essential component of any comprehensive lifeguard training program. However, even with quality comprehensive initial training, research indicates that CPR skills decline quickly

  • Lifeguard Texting Spells Trouble

    What’s your policy on lifeguard cell phone use? Last summer, media outlets across the nation called attention to a potentially deadly practice: lifeguards texting while on duty.

  • Lifeguarding | The Lifeguard Handbook

    One of the most important ways to communicate your policies to your lifeguards is via a comprehensive staff manual.