More stories about Maintenance

  • Phone a Friend

    We were 30 minutes away from draining our 200,000-gallon aquatic center pool

  • Working Order

    From the minute you open the gates in the morning, it’s show time, and your waterpark is the star

  • Chemical Costs on the Rise

    The recession has not drowned pool maintenance expenses

  • Getting in the Act

    As warm weather approaches, it’s time to think about opening your swimming pool for the season.

  • Regaining Balance

    Getting your water quality up to snuff after a winter shutdown takes quite a bit more than unlocking the gate and throwing the switch

  • Taking Stock

    Regular auditing of your natatorium, pools, spas, slides, waterfeatures and play elements can help you better meet the needs of your patrons — and operate a safer, cleaner, more efficient aquatics facility.

  • Explosive Consequences

    The Gypsum Recreation Center had been open for 1 1/2 years, and it was time to drain the swimming pool for cleaning and maintenance

  • Good Circulation

    Dirt, leaves and algae in a pool?s corners will create persistent problems. Eliminating these ?dead spots? requires a properly functioning circulation system that redistributes debris between the strainer and the filter.


    Advances in aquatic equipment promise to reduce costs and increase operators’ peace of mind.

  • Inspections Reveal Unsafe Pools

    How clean is your pool? Most operators feel confident when asked that question, but local inspections have revealed some alarmingly unsafe pools, most often in places such as apartment complexes and hotels