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  • Where There’s Smoke

    It was a hot August day at The Cove Waterpark in Riverside, Calif. — but it was about to get much hotter.

  • Spectators Gone Wild! 

    Back in the mid-1980s, I was asked to develop and implement a K-12 swim lessons program for the school system.

  • Collision Course

    I was hired five months before the crew completed construction of the university’s new aquatics center, so I could make sure everything was good from an operator’s standpoint.

  • Profile: Willamalane Park District:Five

    The Willamalane Park District near Eugene, Ore., opened the

  • The Aquatics X Factor:One

    In the summer of 1936, 40,000 people were on hand when New York’s Red Hook pool opened

  • Business Sense:Three

    Here are four areas to consider in looking at an aquatics operation as a business.

  • Candid Camera 

    These days, social media encompasses every aspect of life. It also allows adolescents and teens to be expressive.

  • Time Crunch

    I began my aquatic management career opening a new Boys & Girls Club pool facility in a small community near my hometown in East Texas.

  • Don’t Sweat It

    It was a weekday afternoon when the intercom came on. “Kathy, there’s a guy down here in the main pool swimming in a sweat suit.

  • Mark Your Calendar

    Highlight new classes, events and employment opportunities.