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  • Business Sense:Three

    Here are four areas to consider in looking at an aquatics operation as a business.

  • Candid Camera 

    These days, social media encompasses every aspect of life. It also allows adolescents and teens to be expressive.

  • Time Crunch

    I began my aquatic management career opening a new Boys & Girls Club pool facility in a small community near my hometown in East Texas.

  • Don’t Sweat It

    It was a weekday afternoon when the intercom came on. “Kathy, there’s a guy down here in the main pool swimming in a sweat suit.

  • Mark Your Calendar

    Highlight new classes, events and employment opportunities.

  • Pool Employees Fired for Theft, Parties, Sex

    Nine individuals have been fired from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County following allegations of theft, sex and under aged drinking

  • Cheap Tricks

    Picture this scene: A leisure pool manager is assessing his facility.

  • Floating a Solution

    We had just opened a brand-new aquatics facility. Week one had come and gone with no major catastrophes.

  • Hire From Hell

    At a previous pool I managed, I was elated when an unusual applicant walked into the office looking for a job, and asked to see me. She said she’d worked at the pool 10 years ago and was interested in working there again

  • Facility Operations Quiz

    Aquatics International University's Facility Operations Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of natatoriums; aquatic play amenities; and pool surfaces and hardscapes.