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  • Desert Oasis

    A center accomplishes its mission of providing local underprivileged children a sense of place, with a desert-themed aquatic facility that has plenty of play features, along with amenities appealing to local seniors

  • The Masterpiece Aquatic

    The bold colors of this facility draw children's attention, but the forms are inspired by an unexpected architectural icon

  • A New Beginning

    A center built in the aftermath of a horrendous tornado pays tribute to local history

  • A City Welcoming

    With a child spraypad and captivating set of waterfalls, Cincinnati’s Smale Riverfront Park introduces visitors to the heart of the city

  • Amenities For All

    In addition to packing in the features, this facility is stunning in its clean colors and forms

  • From Chill to Thrill

    This Thai gem features attractions for all ages with an interesting use of social media that enhances guest experiences

  • School's Project Is First Eligible for Solar Rebate

    Most of the cost of the solar pool heating project in Calabasas, Calif., will be offset by the rebate.

  • Not Just Your Grandma’s Aqua Aerobics

    When developing an aquatic fitness program at your facility, do not be afraid to think outside of the box.

  • Serving Hard-to-Reach Minorities: A Case Study

    How a YMCA partnered with drowning prevention and water safety groups to help boost awareness and swimming skills in its Minneapolis community.

  • School’s Criminal Liability Questionable in Drowning

    After a student drown in a Detroit area high school last year, the prosecutor wanted to make the case that the school was criminally liable.