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  • Plans Shaping Up for National Water Safety Month, New Partners Announced

    The International Swimming Hall of Fame and the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association will join existing partners in their support of the second annual National Water Safety Month, which will take place in May 2010

  • Under Surveillance

    Maintaining constant, meaningful surveillance of patrons as they participate in aquatic activities is a key component of lifeguarding

  • Distracted Lifeguards Cited in Aquatic Incidents

    Distracted lifeguards were cited in at least two aquatic incidents.

  • CPSC Pool Safely Campaign Partners with APSP

    To further the mission of its Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives public safety campaign, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has entered into a strategic partnership with theAssociation of Pool and Spa Professionals.

  • Blaming the Victim 

    Some readers may have taken one look at our provocative cover and wondered, “Why must we dwell on such an unpleasant topic?

  • Things to Think About Now

    Snow and ice build up above an indoor/outdoor hot tub can pose a hazard to guests.

  • Failing Inspection

    Americans love their swimming pools. In fact, an estimated 7.4 million vessels are in active use, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Chemical Injuries Cause Mishaps, Shutdowns

    Several serious accidents involving chlorine hit public pools this swim season.

  • Slips, Falls Behind Most Theme Park Lawsuits

    In a review of 477 personal injury lawsuits filed against Orlando, Fla’s. three largest theme park companies, the Orlando Sentinel found approximately half were slip-and-fall incidents.

  • The Price of Heroism

    With summer nearly over, the aquatics industry is on track for a sad milestone: 2009 may be one of the deadliest drowning years on record. Every day, it seems a new tragedy makes headlines.