More stories about Safety

  • Standard Issue

    Recently, many modifications related to standards have taken place in the recreational and aquatics industries.

  • Pump Pros

    If a pool is like a human body, then the pump is like the heart.

  • Commercial Pools in Texas Pose Safety Hazard, Say Techs

    Commercial pool operators throughout Texas are allowing hazardous pools to remain open, despite warnings, according to various sources

  • Patterns of Abuse 

    While aquatics programming provides some of the greatest opportunities for youth development, it also presents some of the highest risk factors

  • After a Rash of Deaths, USA Triathlon Forms Task Force

    After losing five competitors following several recent races, USA Triathlon is establishing a committee to determine what can be done to prevent additional deaths.

  • Emergency Action

    On the 70th day of a 79-day season, what most of us thought was a regular Sunday at Saxon Woods Pool in White Plains, N.Y., turned into a day we would never forget.

  • Drownings Underreported, Safety Groups Say

    As a result of ongoing concerns regarding the underreporting of drownings in metropolitan areas, safety groups across the country are taking action.

  • Water Quality - Emergency Situations

    No matter how conscientious you are as a pool/spa operator, the time will come when you’ll need to deal with some type of emergency at your facility.

  • Risk Management - Protecting Against Liability

    Managing the wide range of risk that exists in the aquatic environment is a constant balancing act.

  • Risk Management - Signage

    Largely ignored for decades, water safety signage has, at best, conformed to 1940s guidelines for workplace safety.