More stories about Safety

  • Changing of the Guards

    As a risk manager at Redwoods, I have had the opportunity to perform risk management assessments at hundreds of aquatics facilities around the nation.

  • Dangerous Mix

    When this incident happened, I had been handling chlorine and other pool chemicals for about 10 years.

  • Death Sentences

    What is a life worth? I’ve asked this question in various ways over the years, but it’s always been more of a rhetorical question than something that can be answered.

  • May is Water Safety Month 

    Supporting the need for ongoing public education on safer water practices, May 2010 is National Water Safety Month

  • Sacrificing Safety

    In January 2008, Pennsylvania officially eliminated lifeguards from almost all state park beaches.

  • Standard for Technical Rescue

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes standards for the Fire and Rescue industry. In February 2004, they published NFPA 1670: Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents.

  • Running on Empty

    On July 29, 2009, Seattle was blazing. The Emerald City had just reached 103 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time in recorded history.

  • Getting the Message

    Yep, teens, for the most part, represent the face of the aquatics facility

  • ARC Releases Clarification on Entry Depths

    A clarification has been released regarding the Red Cross recommended depths for headfirst pool entries

  • Chemical Spills Result In Hospitalizations, Injured Students

    Several hazardous chemical spills were reported in late 2009