More stories about Testing

  • Quality Assurance

    Maintaining proper water chemistry with the help of NSF

  • Cedar Fair Testing Wristband Payment System

    Cedar Fair Entertainment Company is testing a system called Fastpay that's designed to increase spending at its waterparks

  • Drained!

    It was May 2011, and the pool season was about to begin.Aquatics facility operators across the country were in high gear, preparing to open seasonal pools in time for summer.

  • Entrapment Testing at a Glance

    Here is a short definition of each test and an explanation of the entrapment it is designed to stop.

  • Standard Issue

    Recently, many modifications related to standards have taken place in the recreational and aquatics industries.

  • Pump Pros

    If a pool is like a human body, then the pump is like the heart.

  • Good Chemistry?

    Have you ever wondered what was or wasn’t in a container of pool and spa chemicals?

  • Up to the Test?

    The main objective of swim testing is to identify swimming ability so nonswimmers can be kept out of high-risk areas. Upon identification, properly trained lifeguards can provide nonswimmers with tools to help provide for their safety in the water

  • IAPMO Withdraws from Drain Standard

    On the heels of a federal investigation into safety drain covers that raised questions about a testing agency’s methods and led to a massive recall of drain covers, the agency in question has officially withdrawn from its co-leadership position on a

  • CPSC Mulls VGB Drain Cover Recall

    What began as a complaint against one testing laboratory has grown into a full-scale investigation of virtually every drain cover on the market