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  • On the Job Training

    Aquatics managers are faced with the responsibility to ensure their lifeguards are trained to the highest standards, and training those staffers isn?t getting any easier

  • On-Shift Training Ideas

    Monitor the lifeguard?s scanning time and give spontaneous feedback

  • Reaching a Higher Level

    Lifeguard in-service training programs not only can improve emergency preparedness, but also facilitate individual employee development into contributing members of the community.

  • Competitive Advantage

    As many operators quickly learn, in-service training sessions can be difficult. Sometimes the staff is not paying attention or is not too thrilled to be there.

  • Operator Certification

    It'?s pretty safe to say that getting a job in aquatics today basically requires two things: a love of the water and a formal certification.

  • The Next 20 Years

    It is my sincere hope that at least one major advance will involve a modification of lifeguard training regimens, in accordance with solid scientific evidence and research — as opposed to the current reliance on past practice, trial and error, opinion...

  • Incidents Point to Inattentive Lifeguards

    Investigations into several incidents at aquatics facilities around the country have raised concerns over the attentiveness and professionalism of pool staffs.

  • New CPR Guidelines Not for Aquatics

    Hoping to encourage more bystanders to engage in cardiopulmonary respiration, the American Heart Association released new guidelines for the procedure, advising chest-compression-only CPR for adults who suffer a sudden cardiac incident.

  • Huntington Beach Lifeguards

    Huntington Beach/HB, known today as Surf City USA,is not only one of our nation’s busiest beaches but has a long and upstanding history in the professional development of lifeguards and lifesaving in America.

  • Fun Factor

    Imagine a day when your aquatics staff is not only enthusiastically attending in-service trainings, but also contributing ideas about content and structure.