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  • Huntington Beach Lifeguards

    Huntington Beach/HB, known today as Surf City USA,is not only one of our nation’s busiest beaches but has a long and upstanding history in the professional development of lifeguards and lifesaving in America.

  • Fun Factor

    Imagine a day when your aquatics staff is not only enthusiastically attending in-service trainings, but also contributing ideas about content and structure.

  • Season Openers

    With summer right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to begin thinking about lifeguard preparations for the upcoming season.

  • Radical Treatment

    Breakpoint chlorination is the established method taught in operator certification courses for removing combined chlorine in recreational water

  • A Valuable Lesson

    One of the hardest messages to get across to young guards is the importance of staying vigilant.

  • Coming Up for Air

    Hyperventilation, breath-holding, shallow-water blackout and hypoxic training are terms that can be confusing, especially when trying to determine which safety policies to follow.

  • Unsafe Starts

    Competitive swimmers and coaches are intimately familiar with the forward start technique, which is meant to give athletes a fast, safe start.

  • A Timing Issue

    One school of thought suggests that swimming pool lifeguards must scan their zone of coverage in 10 seconds and respond to persons in need within the next 20 seconds.

  • Comparison Shopping

    Then it comes to operator certification, aquatics professionals have three main choices: • NRPA’s Aquatic Facility Operator.

  • Trends: Online Training

    To more planes, trains and automobiles. When a big meeting is scheduled, rather than file into a conference room, you may be more likely to see attendees duck into an office, boot up their computers and log onto the Internet.