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  • The Importance of Being Andy

    An aquatics manager learns that working with overeager newbies requires a gentler approach

  • Visa Changes Have Managers Scrambling

    A proposed change to the way foreign workers who come to the United States under the J-1 Summer Work Travel visa program must be treated has some pool management companies scrambling to have the rules clarified before summer.

  • Jump in!

    So many young people spend their summers, evenings, weekends and vacations working in aquatic environments.

  • University Hosts First Aquatics Diversity Conference

    Hampton University hosted what appears to be the first conference focused specifically on improving diversity in aquatics.

  • Recruitment 101

    Your staff is perhaps your most important asset, and recruiting a top-notch team is critical. Today, aquatics operators can use a number of time-tested strategies to find qualified lifeguards

  • Creative Solutions

    Hiring and training staff members is a key responsibility for nearly three-quarters of those who responded to a December 2011 online

  • Power Scrubbing 

    Promoting someone before they are prepared is a mistake many managers make. It happens even more often in aquatics because of the youthful seasonal staffs, which make up the majority of our work force. I learned the hard way what can develop when this occ

  • Lifeguard Texting Spells Trouble

    What’s your policy on lifeguard cell phone use? Last summer, media outlets across the nation called attention to a potentially deadly practice: lifeguards texting while on duty.

  • Labor Pains

    When the General Motors plant in Moraine, Ohio, closed at the end of 2008, it was a significant blow to the community of roughly 7,000

  • Labor Pains

    Aquatics is a full-time job for the majority of Aquatics International salary survey respondents