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  • Techno-invasion

    When the first waterparks came online more than a quarter of a century ago, they represented a whole new world of mechanics and engineering

  • Riding High

    Bigger, faster, taller … in many ways, that’s what it is all about when it comes to waterpark attractions.

  • Cooking Up Changes

    Chef Wally Jurusz is proud of  his latest kitchen creations

  • Coming Attractions:one

    Imagine an aquatic pinball machine where your patrons are the ball! Designed to simulate the arcade-style pinball machine, but on scale 50 times larger, Wizard Works’ Human Pinball water slide concept uses a sloped ramp, approximately 50 feet wide b

  • Coming Attractions:Two

    The D-Wave by the Turkish firm Polin is designed to offer high thrills in a small footprint. Suitable for indoor and outdoor operations, this four-person water slide features a steep entry that creates the thrill of free falling.

  • Coming Attractions:Three

    Building on the trend toward more skills-based attractions that offer interactivity, SCS Interactive and WhiteWater West Industries in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, have introduced musical play components.