I grew up in Nebraska in the 1920s, where we spent Sundays leisurely swimming in the river. After church, my family would load the car with delicious food and head for the closest river bank, where the men had cleared the brush, raked the sandy beach, set up tables and made rope swings that made it a happy place to swim.


DuReece and Wyeth Porr swim on their honeymoon in 1938 (above), then gather around a pool in 1995 with granddaughter Becky Bricker and great-grandson Austin.


In the 1930s, our swimming interest turned to the public parks and pools that were now being built for the communities. The pools were popular and open all summer. They sold season tickets. The water was cold and pumped directly from the city wells. The water was changed every Monday.

My new husband and I stopped at the pool pictured in the photo (above, right) to swim on our honeymoon in Franklin, Neb. When traveling, we always stopped to swim at public pools to take a respite from our un-airconditioned cars. Later on, we stayed at motels with pools.

For 30 years, we enjoyed our own backyard pool with our three children, three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. I am 88 years old and have seen a lot of changes in life, but have the greatest memories of our times in the pool.