Lessons Learned

  • Welcome Home

    An aquatics manager recognizes the importance of reconnecting with staff after a long absence

  • To Close a Pool ... or Not

    A situation can often look different after you check with all the players

  • Get Personal

    A host at a mountain resort with a swimming area takes the right approach to defuse a confrontation


Risk Management


Inservice Training

  • Iron Man

    Meet Rudy Garcia-Tolson, four-time Paraolympian and Triathlon finisher

  • Red Cross Offers New Waterpark Lifeguard Course

    The organization’s Aquatic Attraction Lifeguarding program is the first to emphasize extreme shallow water rescue.

  • Image

    True to Life

    Well-trained lifeguards will quickly get bored with participating in the same old, tired scenarios that lifeguard instructors often rely on...



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