Have you ever had a prospect for a lifeguard position show up for an interview in unusual attire? Based on a letter to Karen Hickman, an etiquette columnist for The News-Sentinel based out of Fort Wayne, Texas, some aren't sure what to wear when applying for such a position.

Hickman clarified for one of her readers, who wrote in asking advice on what to wear. She recommends that potential employees dress up for the interview. Don't show up in bathing suits or shorts and a t-shirt. She reminds readers that first impressions are always important and clothing plays a role in that relationship.

Here's what she recommends readers wear when applying for a lifeguard position:

"So, for a female, I recommend wearing a simple summer dress or skirt (not too short) and a blouse or good looking T-shirt. Save the flip flops for the pool after you get the job. Instead, wear a ballet flat or another sandal. For a young man in a similar situation, I recommend summer pants such as a khaki pant and a regular shirt or a polo shirt with a collar."

Despite a lifeguard shortage, it is critical for prospects to show up for an interview dressed appropriately. Do you agree with her advice? Have you ever had someone show up wearing the wrong type of interview outfit? Share in the comments section below. Read More