The family of a 7-year-old girl who drowned in 2007 filed a notice of claim seeking $100 million in damages for wrongful death against the city of Schenectady, N.Y., the YWCA and two lifeguards, identified in the notice as John and Jane Doe.

Laniya Ndabaze drowned last summer at a YWCA-managed community pool owned by the city. Ndabaze was found floating in approximately 4 feet of water on the afternoon of Aug. 1, according to a report in the Albany Times Union. Two lifeguards were on duty, and she was in the care of her grandmother at the time of her death.

?Any time a mother and father lose a child, it?s a very sad day,? said Attorney D. Andrew Marshall, who is representing the family. ?All the facts are not in; however, preliminarily, it appears that something was amiss on that day. We intend to find out what exactly happened, not just for Laniya?s family, but for every other child seeking recreation at the city pools in Schenectady N.Y., and I would even daresay throughout the state of New York.?

L. John Van Norden, counsel for the city of Schectady, said he had no further comments on the case. He made the following statement in the Albany Times Union: ?We will do what we do in defending the city?s interest. It?s a tragic case.?

The notice of claim is the first step in the filing of a lawsuit. Marshall said he and his clients are currently making the decision to file a summons and complaint, which will put the case in suit. When asked about the large settlement claim amount, Marshall said, ?What is the life of child worth? [Personally], I know the value of my child is incalculable, but as lawyers, we have to put some kind of dollar value on the damages we?re alleging occurred.?