Here's a cautionary tale about having stringent hiring practices for lifeguards: Cotswold Country Park and Beach in the U.K. has been ordered to pay £250,000 in fines and costs after the drowning death of a 15-year-old girl in July 2010. The resort hired one of the lifeguards on duty by email and didn't ask for her qualifications.

WM Active, a sister company of Cotswold Water Park-based property developers Watermark, admitted it had inexperienced and untrained lifeguards on duty when Kajil died.

It also agreed that, at the time of her death, there was no plan in place for dealing with emergencies and admitted other health and safety failures.

Drilling lifeguards and teaching them how to react in emergency situations is a key component many aquatics professionals highlight when talking about managing staff. Pairing an inexperienced guard with a returning one is common practice for facilities to try to prevent tragedies like the one at Cotswold resort, where two inexperience lifeguards were on duty together. Read More