Lifeguard training is ongoing throughout the season, and Aquatics International wants to be a part of your efforts. This year, we've teamed up with AI contributor Pete DeQuincy, aquatic manager at East Bay Regional Park District, to launch the inaugural Aquatics International Summer #LifeguardChallenge. We’ll be presenting three videos of timed drills – one each month this summer – for aquatics facilities to practice with their guards.

How to participate: Each month, we’ll release a video of the drill we’re challenging you to do. Practice the skill in the video and film your squad executing the drill. But for a twist on friendly competition between squads, we want you to call out another facility’s lifeguards in your video that you would like to take the challenge. Send your video to either as an attachment or a Dropbox file. These videos will go up on our AI Video Gallery.

The results: Each month, our judges will select the aquatics facility that demonstrates its skills the best in its video, and that squad will receive an award from AI at the end of the challenge to display in the facility, proclaiming their prowess. An overall MVP facility will be chosen at the end of the challenge and profiled in October’s issue of Aquatics International.

For June, we’re challenging you to rescue a passive victim. DeQuincy recently wrote about the benefits of using children in rescue drills. If your facility has taken steps to find child participants, this drill utilizes those “victims.” Otherwise, we also have a version utilizing an adult participant.

(Unable to see the video on a mobile device? Click here to view it in our video gallery.)