Lessons Learned

  • How to End the Telephone Game at Your Waterpark

    The aquatics assistant manager at Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Vermont offers advice on making sure a facility's rules are implemented and followed correctly by employees and patrons alike.

  • Watching the Watchers

    A waterpark operations manager ensures safety and quality with unannounced lifeguard assessments

  • How to Implement Change Efficiently

    A waterpark manager shares his advice on ensuring uniformity when enforcing a new policy.

  • Turning Frowns Upside Down

    An aquatics director shows that accommodating a guest's special needs doesn't have to be as hard to meet as you might think

  • Change Is Good

    A shift to lifeguards being proactive instead of reactive decreased the number of patron complaints

  • Judgment Call

    Managers realize they must teach their lifeguards critical thinking skills for emergency situations

  • Welcome Home

    An aquatics manager recognizes the importance of reconnecting with staff after a long absence

  • To Close a Pool ... or Not

    A situation can often look different after you check with all the players

  • Get Personal

    A host at a mountain resort with a swimming area takes the right approach to defuse a confrontation

  • Beyond Words

    An aquatics facility operator learns the value of customer feedback

  • Expect the Unexpected

    When dealing with unhappy clients, an aquatics director learns that a little communication can go a long way in finding solutions.

  • The Importance of Being Andy

    An aquatics manager learns that working with overeager newbies requires a gentler approach

  • Go with the Flow

    By being flexible, these aquatic professionals won back customers - and more

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    Creating Pool Schedules

    Aquatic directors need to create pool schedules that meet their communities' needs.

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    What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen?

    Not thinking through decisions can have expensive consequences

  • Here Comes the Rain Again

    A Denver facility comes up with a rain-check policy that’s a win-win for everyone

  • Graphic by Tim Bobko

    Full of Regret

    An aquatics supervisor pushes her staff and winds up with an empty pool.

  • Graphic by Tim Bobko

    Helicopter Crash

    As a young professional, I thought it might be a challenge to carve out my role as a supervisor when some of the staff I was overseeing had not long ago been my peers.

  • Graphic by Tim Bobk

    New Direction

    t’s always been a dream of mine that one day everyone will incorporate aquatics into their regular workout regimens. Just as someone today might routinely walk into the cardio room and perform 30 minutes on the treadmill, my hope is that one day everyone will perform their cardio workouts in our...

  • You’re So Vain

    I was a young college graduate and had enthusiastically accepted my first full-time job in a state thousands of miles away


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