Under Surveillance

By Susan J. Grosse, Aquatic Consulting & Education Resource Services | February 2010

Your lifeguards scan, but do they see? Help develop essential skills of observation and response with these two exercises.

Honor Bound

By Susan J. Grosse, Aquatic Consulting & Education Resource Services | January 2010

Looking for a way to make your guards approach their duties and responsibilities with a new sense of purpose? Consider a responsibility pledge during in-service training.

Drill, Baby, Drill

By Maria Bella | November/December 2009

Winter off-season is the perfect time to really put your guards through the paces, and prepare them for the next emergency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By Judith Leblein-Josephs | October 2009

Teaching guards about how to provide excellent customer service ensures happy patrons — and your facility’s long-term viability.

Suspicious Behavior

By Steve Victory | September 2009

Teaching guards to watch for sexual predators is another way to increase vigilance and potentially save lives.

Losing Focus?

By Robert C. Wendling & Karl L. Wuensch | June 2009

A study reveals where managers should be focusing their in-service training efforts. Hint: Start with guard misperceptions.

Ready to Serve

By Paul McMinn, South Bend (Ill.) Parks & Recreation Dept. | May 2009

Not sure if your staff is ready for the new season? Try these in-service training ideas and stop wondering.

Risk Takers

By Paul McMinn, South Bend (Ill.) Parks & Recreation Dept. | April 2009

Some patrons represent bigger risks than others. Teach your lifeguards to recognize and educate these swimmers before they get into trouble.

Reaching a Higher Level

By Matthew Griffith, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Joseph Walker, Ph.D., University of North Texas | January 2009

Looking for a way to bring your guards to a new level of performance and service? Consider Level 5 training.

Dirty Business

By Claudia Duncan, Department of Physical Education and Sports Studies, Barton College | November/December 2008

Proper fecal response logs are key to defending against RWIs. Here's how to train your staff to do them right.

Competitive Advantage

By Brandon Moore, Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort | October 2008

Give your in-service training a jolt of new life with a Lifeguard Olympics competition.

Required Reading

By Nate Thorne, City of Plainfield, Ind. | September 2008

Getting people to read and understand employee manuals is hard. Here are four ways to make it easy — and fun.

Fun Factor

By Jeanne Wunderle | June 2008

10 ways to create in-service training programs your guards can’t wait to attend