Risk Management

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    Getting Current Counterpoint

    It’s good to see Aquatics International run an article regarding rip currents, which United States Lifesaving Association statistics attribute to over 80 percent of drowning deaths at U.S. surf beaches (and presumably those around the world).

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    Getting Current:TWO

    Every year, rip currents kill more people than hurricanes, fires and sharks. Yet a serious disconnect exists between rip current research, identification, human behavior and warnings.

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    Getting Current:ONE

    Every year, rip currents kill more people than hurricanes, fires and sharks. Yet a serious disconnect exists between rip current research, identification, human behavior and warnings.

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    Getting in the Act

    As warm weather approaches, it’s time to think about opening your swimming pool for the season.

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    Piecing it Together

    To truly grasp the uncertainty surrounding the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, you need only speak briefly with any government official, or even an aquatics industry representative.

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    Bragging Rights

    I believe that drowning, in most circumstances, is a preventable tragedy. While other experts have made this statement, few have ever accomplished or proven it.

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    Caught in the Act

    You’ve spent countless hours attending to the needs of your patrons — ensuring good times as they careen down huge water slides, splash in gigantic wave pools or methodically execute their workouts.

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    A Healthy Relationship

    As a health inspector, I come at the issue of pool operations from a different perspective than many other aquatics professionals. Some operators may view me as the “bad cop,” someone who makes doing their jobs that much harder.

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    Safety Check

    With everything from hazardous chemicals to heavy equipment, aquatics facilities are a potential land mine for risk managers.

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    Letter of the Law

    With the Dec. 19 signing of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007, President Bush approved incentives for states to adopt comprehensive pool safety laws that will protect children from life-threatening injuries and death from pool …

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    Killer Parties

    Pools provide the perfect platform to host parties: water, spacious decks, ample chairs and tables for lounging and socializing.

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    Coming Up for Air

    Hyperventilation, breath-holding, shallow-water blackout and hypoxic training are terms that can be confusing, especially when trying to determine which safety policies to follow.

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    Unsafe Starts

    Competitive swimmers and coaches are intimately familiar with the forward start technique, which is meant to give athletes a fast, safe start.

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    When Lightning Strikes

    While there are many urban legends in the world of aquatics, one is by far the greatest of all — lightning and indoor swimming pools.

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    The Crypto Catch

    With recent outbreaks of cryptosporidium across the nation this past year, many operators may be wondering what they can do to protect themselves against this insidious and hard-to-kill bug.

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    Liability Tips

    Hire pool consultants. They will check for compliance, safety hazards, design recommendations and other risk management issues of which owners may not be aware…

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    Program Addresses Unguarded Pools

    It’s the same scenario repeated over and over throughout Houston every summer: fire engines and ambulances racing to an apartment complex where a child drowned with no lifeguard on site

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    Swim at Your Own Risk

    The trip to Paramount’s Kings Island in Cincinnati was to be a graduation celebration for the Class of 2002 at the Goldblatt Elementary School in Chicago.

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    A Timing Issue

    One school of thought suggests that swimming pool lifeguards must scan their zone of coverage in 10 seconds and respond to persons in need within the next 20 seconds.

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    Fact and Fiction

    As an operator of a flat-water beach in Michigan, I’m constantly stunned by the arguments and discussion voiced by many of my peers about the ways to avoid drowning litigation


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