A 19 year old male in London has drowned, and poor police training may be to blame for the accident.

According to a report in The Mirror, Moses Greenfield drowned at Hampstead Heath when he went for an evening swim in the colder water shortly after lifeguards had left for the day.

Several onlookers report that while Greenfield's friends dove into the water in an attempt to rescue him, police on the scene did not respond properly.

“There were police officers and ­paramedics and firefighters on the bank just standing there watching while the boys dived under,” one person who witnessed the incident told the news outlet.

James Eisen, a freelance journalist who was passing by at the time of the rescue attempt, reported a "chaotic and surreal" scene.

“There were at least seven police officers on the side," he noted. I heard one of the boys shouting to one of the ambulance crews and asking how long someone could survive under water without breathing as they continued swimming around in panic.”

Several at the scene believe Greenfield could have been rescued if the police took swifter action. However, as a spokesperson for Hampstead Heath told the news agency:

“The Heath constabulary officers are here to enforce bylaws, they are not trained lifeguards. Visibility is about six inches, you can barely see in front of your face. They are advised not to go in until proper assistance arrives.”

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