January 2008 Table of Contents

Fresh Starts Editor's Desk Fresh Starts

Ah, the new year. A time when we can all start fresh with resolutions to improve. Read more

Weekly Specials LifeSavers Weekly Specials

As aquatics administrators, we would all prefer to have a lifeguard staff consisting of individuals who are at least college age. Read more

Newsroom Aquatics Industry to Get First National Standard

The Food and Drug Administration?s national codes revolutionized the restaurant industry, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hoping a national code for commercial aquatics facilities will have a similar effect. Read more

Newsroom Experts: More Research Needed on Swimming, Asthma

Recent studies have suggested a link between asthma and swimming, but an expert panel says more research is needed before a definitive correlation can be made. Read more

News Room Crypto Climbing

Last year saw some of the worst recreational water illness outbreaks on record. Read more

Newsroom Lifeguards to Aid in Rip Current Predictor

Hoping to better predict deadly rip currents, the National Weather Service has enlisted California beach lifeguards to watch and record rip current patterns. Read more

Unsafe Starts Risk Management Unsafe Starts

Competitive swimmers and coaches are intimately familiar with the forward start technique, which is meant to give athletes a fast, safe start. Read more

Crowd Control Viewpoint Crowd Control

On many ocean beaches, and a few freshwater beaches, a special event or summer holiday is responsible for attracting enormous crowds of mostly inexperienced swimmers. Read more

East Meets West Water Fitness East Meets West

Stuck in a programming rut? Bring a little Eastern flair to your pool patrons: Consider Ai Chi. Read more

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