February 2013 Table of Contents

Jeff Ellis Power 25 Jeff Ellis

When there's talk of leaders in aquatic safety, Jeff Ellis’ name always comes up. Read more

Mike Espino Power 25 Mike Espino

With 16 years at the American Red Cross and now nearly five years at Chicago-based YMCA of the USA as its aquatic safety and risk specialist, Mike Espino knows large-scale aquatic operations. Read more

Leland Yarger Power 25 Leland Yarger

His title — coordinator of aquatics and instructor of physical science at Ball State University — would barely fit on a business card, but that seems appropriate for Leland Yarger, who oversees the school's aquatics degree program. Read more

Michael Phelps Power 25 Michael Phelps

With 22 medals, 18 of them gold, Baltimore swimmer Michael Phelps has brought home more Olympic hardware than any other athlete. Read more

B. Chris Brewster Power 25 B. Chris Brewster

He retired from lifeguarding in 2011, but B. Chris Brewster is just as involved in aquatic safety today as he has been for the past 25 years. Read more

Rick Root Power 25 Rick Root

Twenty-five years ago, the waterpark industry was still playing in the kiddie pool. Read more

Kent Williams Power 25 Kent Williams

“Recreational water illness” is a hot topic today, but it surely wasn't when Kent Williams founded the nonprofit Professional Pool Operators of America in 1993. Read more

Kimberly Schaefer Power 25 Kimberly Schaefer

As CEO of Madison, Wis.-based Great Wolf Resorts, Schaefer leads a national waterpark powerhouse known for attracting top talent, tourism dollars and Wall Street interest. Read more

Chuck Neuman Power 25 Chuck Neuman

As the Model Aquatic Health Code moves toward its 2013 release, it’s worth noting that Chuck Neuman, CEO of Water Technology in Beaver Dam, Wis., has been part of the group from the start. Read more

Richard D. Hunter Power 25 Richard D. Hunter

Forget snow. Think water. That’s what Richard D. Hunter did at ProSlide Technology, the waterpark ride design firm that he founded in 1986. Read more

Dr. Alison Osinski Power 25 Dr. Alison Osinski

If you must define Dr. Alison Osinski’s influence on the aquatics industry during the past 25 years, here’s one word that works: diverse. Read more

Dr. John Hunsucker Power 25 Dr. John Hunsucker

Since founding the National Aquatic Safety Co. in 1974, Dr. Hunsucker has grown the Ellijay, Ga.-based organization from a humble beginning of inspecting pools and offering training to its role today as one of the largest lifeguard certification firms in Read more

Dr. Tom Lachocki Power 25 Dr. Tom Lachocki

As CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colo., Dr. Tom Lachocki would qualify as an industry notable due to his position alone. Read more

Farhad Madani Power 25 Farhad Madani

“Though he retired in 2010 after 27 years with the parks and recreation department of Austin, Texas, Farhad Madani isn’t spending much time lounging by the pool. Read more

Dr. Michael J. Beach Power 25 Dr. Michael J. Beach

Crypto. Giardia. Norovirus. Read more

Geoff Chutter Power 25 Geoff Chutter

If you think that accountants and waterparks don’t mix, you’d be wrong. Read more

D. Scot Hunsaker Power 25 D. Scot Hunsaker

He follows in the wake of his notable father Joe Hunsaker, who built on a collegiate swim career to establish a regional pool management company and then the aquatic design firm Counsilman-Hunsaker. Read more

Ruth Sova Power 25 Ruth Sova

You know all those aquatic exercise classes seen in so many public and club pools? Those wouldn’t exist today without Ruth Sova, an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic advocate of aquatic therapy during the past 25 years. Read more

Jill White Power 25 Jill White

An alum of Ellis & Associates, Jill White has made her own name in the water safety field with Starfish Aquatics Institute, the Savannah, Ga.-based firm she founded with husband Robbin White in 1999. Read more

History Lesson Power 25 History Lesson

In 1988, Ronald Reagan was still in the White House and a first-class stamp cost 24 cents. Read more

Dr. Jane Katz Power 25 Dr. Jane Katz

Native New Yorker Dr. Jane Katz learned to swim at the insistence of her father, who prized water safety after nearly drowning himself. Read more

Greg Louganis Power 25 Greg Louganis

Twenty-five years ago at the Seoul Olympics, diver Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board, sustained a concussion ... and went on to win the gold. It’s that kind of fierce competitive spirit that fueled his swimming career, producing an impressive total of 17 gold medals — Olympics (four); World Championships (five); Pan American Games (six); and Summer Universiade (two) — and one silver Olympic medal. Read more

Dr. Frank Pia Power 25 Dr. Frank Pia

Frank Pia’s influence is still seen today in lifeguard training and best practices at countless pools and beaches. Read more

Janet Evans Power 25 Janet Evans

Her 2012 Olympic comeback was unsuccessful — she failed to get beyond the Olympic Trials preliminaries in either the 400-meter or 800-meter distances — but distance swimmer Janet Evans still shines like her four golden medals. Read more

Dr. Tom Griffiths Power 25 Dr. Tom Griffiths

You’d think running a university aquatics program for 25 years would make you want to retire for good, but Dr. Tom Griffiths, founder of State College, Pa.-based Aquatic Safety Research Group, remains as engaged in aquatic issues as he always has be Read more

Johnny Johnson Power 25 Johnny Johnson

If you want an Olympic swimmer in the family, try enrolling your child in Johnny Johnson's Blue Buoy Swim School in Tustin, Calif. Read more

Leaving a Legacy Editor's Note Leaving a Legacy

Over the past year, I experienced two profound rites of passage that made me rethink my approach to life and the legacy I want to leave behind when I’m gone. Read more

Red Cross Changing Fee Structure Industry News Red Cross Changing Fee Structure

The new year has seen a few changes come to the American Red Cross aquatics program. Read more

Helicopter Crash Lessons Learned Helicopter Crash

As a young professional, I thought it might be a challenge to carve out my role as a supervisor when some of the staff I was overseeing had not long ago been my peers. Read more

Back to Basics LifeSavers Back to Basics

As we move closer to summer, it’s time to energize the winter staff and get them working as a well-oiled lifeguarding machine. Read more

On the Same Page Viewpoint On the Same Page

During the past few years, the aquatics industry has promoted professionalism and attention to detail in a number of areas, including lifesaving. Read more

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