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Knorr Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1977 by Larry Knorr, today Knorr Systems, Inc. (KSI) is considered an American small business success story.

Throughout the close of the '70's and into the decade of the '80's, KSI literally brought chemical automation to the commercial pool market throughout the West, and to date has sold and installed thousands upon thousands of systems. During this same time period, KSI expanded our equipment offerings to include everything it takes to operate a commercial / public pool; on the deck, in the equipment room, chemicals, everything but the water.

These days no one ever thinks what goes on behind those pool equipment room doors! But we care and always have! We are the people behind those doors providing the equipment and services to make it all work.We accomplish this with a nuts & bolts dedication to our customers; providing on-site, hands -on service via our Certified Technicians rolling their service trucks throughout the states we serve.


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