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Presomatic Keyless Locks

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  • 3778 S. Kalamath St.
    Englewood, CO 80110
    (303) 762-7373
    Dave Campbell, Owner

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  • Presomatic™

The Convenient Security Solution Since 1964

Presomatic Keyless Locks invented the first Keyless Lock. What's in it for you? Making your life and work world easier and awesome.

Our lock has been trusted by NASA, US Military (GSA Contract), NATO, FAA (first FAA approved lock) Fire & Police Departments, Boeing, Major Airlines, KOA Campgrounds, and many, many more that can be named - including my dad who put one on our family's home. We were the users and liked it so much we bought the company.

Preso MaticTM holds over 7 patents in the U.S. and 16 foreign countries. We held the first patent for the keyless door lock of this kind and created the category. Having been distributed in over 62 countries we find over half a million locks sold worldwide. Some other brands may have done more with it, but we are still the "Original" keyless door lock.

We sell our locks through established locksmiths, hardware distributors, architects, design centers, builder's outlets, industrial suppliers, specialty dealers and retailers - online or in your town or country. If you can't find a local supplier, please contact us to discuss your needs and find a lock for your home, business or rural property.


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