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The Bankshot Sports Org.

Locations & Contacts

  • 330-U N. Stonestreet Ave., #504
    Rockville, MD 20852
    (301) 309-0260
    (800) 933-0140
    (301) 309-0263
    Dr. Reeve Brenner, Pres.
    Alan Ray, Tech.

Product Type

Manufacturer Brands

  • Bankshot Basketball™

  • Bankshot Tennis™

  • Bankshot Tri-Sport™

  • Dunkshot™

The Bankshot Sports™ Organization offers many different family sports, which are non-aggressive by design, including: Bankshot Basketball™, Bankshot Tennis™, Bankshot Pitch and Throw™, and Bankshot Soccer™.

Bankshot™ Sports are family sports because players do not play against one another but along-side one another. Bankshot™ Sports are non-running and non-exclusionary accommodating wheelchair players, the physically and cognitively challenged, grandparents, children and everyone else at the same time. These sports are called "Total -Mix Sports based on Universal Design"


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