Public swimming pools throughout Sweden are taking strides to decrease drownings.

In recent weeks, a number of facilities have instituted a blanket ban on the use of smart devices by parents. Others intend to ban devices beginning in 2016.

According to a report in The Local SE, Anne Asterhäll, head of Holjebadet in Olofström in southern Sweden, has observed many parents accompanying their children to swimming classes with their nose pressed to their screens. This is a safety hazard, she said. and forcing parents to pay attention to the their kids could help to limit the number of drownings in the country, which experiences approximately 1,500 swim-related accidents a year.

"In many cases it's about accidents that happen in a second, like children slipping and hitting their heads, and you can't prevent that. (...) But because it's about security we still want to urge parents to direct their attention towards their child," she told Sveriges Radio, according to The Local SE.

How does your facility handle this issue? Do you agree with the approach the Swedish swimming pools are taking? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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