CBC News takes a look at a small coastal Canadian town of less than 1,000 that is about to open its first indoor swimming pool, a project that it built on its own with no money from the province.

When surveyed about what the residents of the community would like to have seen added to the town, the majority said the were interested in three things: a safe place to walk, a pool and a gym.

For the residents of Cape St. George, located on Newfoundland's west coast, the swimming pool is a matter of survival. Not only do they want to stay or get fit, but they want to learn how to swim. Thats because despite being an oceanside town, most of its residents, half of which are over the age of 50, don't know how to swim.

"I know it sounds weird when you are surrounded by water, like Cape St. George is, but the fact is, it is cold water and the tidal currents and everything else are so treacherous," Mayor Peter Fenwick told CBC's Corner Brook Morning Show, according to the news outlet.

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