Safety and Risk Management

  • Photo by Claudia Duncan

    Competitive Edge

    Aquatics professionals understand the importance of in-service training for lifeguards.

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    Out of Thin Air

    Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths among U.S. children

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    From the Bottom Up

    For decades, aquatic safety professionals have wondered why unconscious victims so often are recovered from pool bottoms by patrons rather than trained lifeguards.

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    Managing Your Best

    A strong manager can make all the difference when it comes to an effective lifeguarding program. It starts with knowing how to hire and retain the right people and goes all the way to implementing the most effective surveillance methods and rescue techniq

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    Deadly Triggers

    When perfectly healthy swimmers who are good athletes drown, it is often a mystery

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    Saving Your Skin

    Fact or fiction?


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