Adams 12 Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center

The aquatic center includes a number of sustainable design features. The building was oriented to capture natural daylight and reduce the required amount of cutting and filling of soil. Inside, the pool dehumidification system is designed to work with Colorado’s high altitude and dry outside air, dehumidifying the space without the need for excessive energy expenditure. Further energy-efficient features include: high-performance windows; UV light and regenerative media filtration.

The 52,000-square-foot center includes a competitive 50-meter pool with moveable bulkheads and spectator seating for 800. The pool can be configured into 21, 25-meter practice lanes; 25-meter or 25-yard race lanes in the center; or a diving and warm-down configuration. The versatility of the bulkheads accommodates a variety of race formats and other water sports such as water polo and underwater hockey. Before the aquatic center was built, swim teams from across the district practiced in the city’s only other indoor pool, which was considerably smaller, and teams had to rotate their practices. Now, several teams can hold practices simultaneously.

Opened in 2010, the Adams 12 Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center is a joint project of the Adams 12 Five Star School District and the town of Thornton, Colo. Today, the competitive aquatics center serves athletes, students and staff from the district, and residents of the community.

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