#AISwimSocial: April Edition

From the looks of this photo shared by @BBCEngland, the region is ripe for a new waterpark. In fact, more than 100,000 have applied to slide down the street, an event that would be funded by cash already raised on a crowd-funding website. Any developers out there willing to take on the challenge of bringing a more enhanced experience to the Bristol, England, area? #AISwimSocial

@AZfamily made sure its followers were aware of Adult Learn to Swim month in April. Established by the U.S. Master's Swimming charitable arm Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, the effort aims to decrease the percentage of adults who can't swim the length of a pool. #AISwimSocial

@kidtravel was pretty excited about the new @carnivalcruise waterpark aboard the Sunshine ship, but not everyone has the same sentiment. In fact, recent drowning incidents aboard @CruiseNorwegian vessels have drawn skepticism from travelers and industry members who believe lifeguards should be present at these floating aquatics venues. Not everyone feels the same however, some noting that it's the same as when a hotel does not have a lifeguard on duty. Read more about one parent's effort to change this, as well as an insightful discussion on our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts on the issue. #AISwimSocial

So far, we've seen pools in the shape of a violin, a baseball field, even a foot. But we couldn't resist this tasty treat shared by  @SwimTips. The Ice Cream "Sweet Water" swimming pool at the Sweet Escape 10-bedroom estate just outside Orlando, Fla., is allegedly the only one of its kind in the world. Check out more pictures and read all about the unique property  here. #AISwimSocial

Just when we thought we'd seen it all with the ice cream-themed pool in Orlando, we stumbled upon this gem shared by  @NeillHall. Turns out the feline-formed pool seen here actually dates back to the 50s. The image originally was captured by mid-century photographer Slim Aarons at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Maimi Beach, Fla. Can you imagine the likes of Jerry Lewis soaking in this? #AISwimSocial

@NOH8Campaign gave props to the @UVA #wearelluva effort at the University of Virginia and members of its swim team, who posted this photo in support of a mission to change the perception of inclusion and diversity in hopes of proving these are not just buzzwords. #AISwimSocial

It's been eight months since we first learned of the new Ihu's Breakway Falls headed to Aquatica Orlando, but now @ThemeParkReview has all the evidence we need to see the waterslide finally has come to fruition. Scheduled to open May 9, the park claims the new attraction is the "tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide of its kind in the southern United States." If you ride it, let us know! #AISwimSocial

@walkeaglerock was excited to share the news that Glassel Park Pool in Los Angeles would be featured in an upcoming episode of @alwayssunny. Unfortunately, however, the facility supposedly plays the role of a "gross public pool," which doesn't help to alter the public's perception of community facilities. Hopefully the real Glassel Park Pool has a more positive reputation. #AISwimSocial

@Gloverboy is enjoying the new digs at the newly re-opened London Aquatics Centre, but he isn't the only one. Olympic bronze medalist Tom Daley just launched his diving academy there in hopes of utilizing the venue of the 2012 Summer Olympics to track down new talent. It seems like this should be an easy task to accomplish given the warm welcome the venue has received from the public thus far. #AISwimSocial

@Afraser16 may be paralyzed, but that ins't stopping him from swimming. Sadly, the high school student injured his spinal chord while surfing in Mexico. But he's staying positive thanks to aquatic therapy and support from his community and friends, as illustrated by the multitude of photos and comments on his Twitter feed (see the hospital prom image, for example). After you check out the inspirational photos, read more about his story  here. #AISwimSocial

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