#AISwimSocial: June Edition

If we were giving an award for best Father's Day salutes, @USASynchro would take first place. Several images, including this one, surfaced on Twitter, and it made us smile to think about all the dad's who support their kids and encourage them to follow their dreams, especially when it involves a healthy activity like swimming. #AISwimSocial

There's something so ironic about a new waterpark celebrating its grand opening in the rain. At least @statesman caught this Hawaiian Falls lifeguard in good spirits for her first day on the job. #AISwimSocial

Art and history are preserved, notes @BBCScotlandNews, after sharing this image of murals that graced the walls of the Rainbow Slides pool complex in Scotland for 39 years before the building was demolished in March. Equally as cool is that the very same company that built the pool in 1975, Ogilvie Construction, was there to save the murals. Read more about the story here. #AISwimSocial

That was fast! Seems like just yesterday that we reported on the construction of this New Jersey-based, construction-themed amusement park that sits adjacent to the waterpark Sahara Sam’s Oasis, and now @DiggerlandUSA is open for business. #AISwimSocial

Several states, including Texas, are grappling this season with a lifeguard shortage, but in Austin, where half of its 33 pools will remain closed until 300 recruits are hired, it may not be a problem for long. As area reporter/photo journalist @ChrisShadrock noted, more than 400 applicants showed up for the @austintexasgov job fair earlier this month. Hopefully they find the right (and qualified) individuals to fill the positions. #AISwimSocial

Thanks to the Twitter sharing skills of @canadapools, we can't stop thinking about how much it would cost to travel with our dog to Spain to treat him to this awesome place. #AISwimSocial

Talk about school pride. The University of Colorado Boulder honored its mascot Ralphie with this buffalo-shaped pool complete with a hot tub for a tail, and we get to catch a glimpse thanks to @dailycamera. #AISwimSocial

When the @Dbacks turned its infielder #14 Martin Prado into a lifeguard it was probably meant to be funny, but we think it's an honor to be transformed into something as respectable as as an individual who sacrifices his or her self to save others on a daily basis! We're betting  @A_Lifeguard agrees. #AISwimSocial

We have mixed emotions about this report from @krgv in Texas. On the one hand, while we don't like seeing waterparks shut down at all, having abandoned ones to highlight here or on social media makes for fun fodder. But if a waterpark were to catch fire, it's best for it to be one that doesn't have any patrons. Luckily no one was hurt when Super Splash burned to the ground earlier this month. #AISwimSocial

When Australian pop star Cody Simpson showed up at @GreatWolfLodge for some good old fashioned fun, the resort couldn't help but share its excitement via Twitter. We're sure the young girls were swooning over the up-and-coming singer, and the publicity certainly can't hurt, either! #AISwimSocial

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