Go Big Red

This is a truly versatile facility, designed not only as a state-of-the art competition venue but also to house physical education and recreational use, thanks largely to the moveable floor and bulkhead. The moveable pool bottom allows for faster, deep water during competitions, while allowing for the shallow water that’s appropriate for physical education and recreational exercise.

Suitable to host competitions, the facility boasts two full-color video boards, state-of-the-art timing systems, and a high-quality sound system. The bleachers accommodate up to 750 and wrap the finish line on three sides so spectators feel more connected to the action. With separate tanks, divers can enjoy warmer temperatures, while swimmers in the competition pool can work in cooler water. Outside the immediate swimming area are separate team and visitor locker rooms, an event meeting room, wet classroom, and accommodations for multiple kinds of media coverage.

Theming for the facility revolves around Denison’s athletic mascot, Big Red, as well as the school colors of red and white. In addition, the design team sought to create high-volume, light-filled spaces that visitors and spectators will find welcoming. As an example, the second-floor main meeting room features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the entire aquatic area. The center was built to LEED specification, with efficient lighting, reduced water flow devices and HVAC systems designed to reduce energy consumption. The University intends to pursue Silver certification.

Say the designers: “Until the completion of the new Trumbull Aquatics Center, swimming and diving competitions were the only conference events Denison could not host on campus. The new Trumbull Aquatics Center provides the opportunity to host major meets, revamps the visitor experience, and provides a visible single point of entry that enhances security and oversight. It allows Denison to stand out among its North Coast Athletic Conference peers [and] gives Denison athletes a competitive training edge...”

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