Hang 10: Wild Surf at Cowabunga Bay

The giant slide's path runs nearly 195 feet and is made from 31 tons of fiberglass. It features a 40-degree sloped entrance and a unique, parabolic design. The ride begins with a rushing trip through the dark, followed by a drop down 55 feet through an enclosed flume before entering the swell of a mammoth wave to catch some "hang time." Twisting and turning, passengers continue along the ride's path, speeding through numerous unexpected changes in momentum before shooting through the wave's crest. Finally, they they slide from side to side, forwards and backwards, before splashing into the exit.

Wild Surf and the Beach Blanket Banzai stand side by side and greet guests seeking both family friendly and thrilling attractions. They join the park's 25-plus attractions, four surf-and-swim pools, an interactive kid's play area with 10 pint-sized slides and tipping buckets, and the longest leisure river in Nevada.

According a press release from slide maker Polin, the new Family Rafting Slide at Cowabunga Bay is the first and only resin transfer molded (RTM)-manufactured family slide in the industry. A 9-degree slope takes passengers on an 8.5 mile per second ride through more than 600 feet of twists and turns, wild "S" curves and an overall 60-foot change in elevation.

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