Higginsville Aquatic Center

Higginsville Aquatic Center was designed with maximum community input and offers a variety of features for all ages. The littlest ones have deck sprays and a themed play structure; older children have floatables, slides and a diving board; and, the adults have an easily accessible facility that offers a variety of opportunities for exercise and relaxation.The facility is laid out with space to accommodate various exercise programs.  The pool is 25-yards wide to allow lap swimming, with a depth between 3 and 5 feet. This creates an ideal area for water aerobics and aqua therapy

During all phases of the project, the cost was a priority and concessions had to be made based on priority of importance, site limitations, constructability and budget. Some in the community wanted a fully compatible competition area, but after analyzing the budget, operational impact and the cost of such an amenity it was deemed unfeasible. Innovative efforts to remain on budget continued during construction. The new facility, designed for maximum efficiency, is located in a park complex in the same spot where an older facility once stood. This minimized excavation, reduced the disturbed area of the construction site and did not restrict existing activities within the park.

Energy-efficient equipment including VFDs was selected to help reduce water usage and power consumption throughout the life of the facility. Other green techniques included using suppliers and manufacturers located nearby to reduce costs and disturbances from the freighting and transportation process. Additionally, the roof of the bathhouse and adjoining mechanical space was constructed of metal.  The decision for this material was born from the notion that the system should reduce life-cycle maintenance and, it is hoped, have an increased longevity compared with an asphalt system.

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