Little Otter Swim School

Children can learn more advanced strokes and are introduced to deeper water in this 30-by-75-foot pool, which has depths ranging from 4 to 8 feet. The rim-flow circulation on all the pools ensures a more stable water surface, so that waves don’t startle newer swimmers.

Beginners are taught in the 30-by-30-foot, 4-foot deep area. Mosaics on the pool floor and foam sculptures on the ceiling help stimulate children to learn. The two pools behind it are meant for child-and-parent classes.

Parents and guardians have plenty of room to watch their children take the lessons. Floor-to-ceiling glass provides an unobstructed view, and the space is air-conditioned for the parents’ comfort.

The cabana-style changing rooms continue the ocean theme and engage children with bright colors and multiple textures.

A window to the equipment room allows parents to see how the water is treated. All pools have their own separate water systems with ultraviolet sanitation.

Murals and custom-made sculptures throughout the site provide an animated take on the ocean theme.

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