Playlist For Tropical Desert

For this project, the design team was working with an already existing lush tropical aesthetic. In keeping with that theme, the Tower of Poseidon resembles an Atlantean pyramid surrounded by jungle. Natural tones, even on the fiberglass features, were used to blend with the sandy desert background. Features were placed to be hidden among the greenery, and special effects such as fire, water, fog and light were used as well. The project also features water escalators and a transportainment system.

A zip-line attraction was one of the new features that the designers of Tower of Poseidon added to the park expansion.

For a unique experience, WhiteWater built its first Anaconda, a slide within a slide. Visitors can ride in a raft through the world's largest-diameter slide, which measures 30 feet. Or they can zip through the two flumes running directly above.

Say the designers: “The biggest challenge was the site size and fitting all the required slides and themed structure into the small space and making it seem hidden. It was a very ‘surgical’ approach involving fine-tuning and small adjustments... Our architect described the process as ‘trying to fit a jumbo jet into your living room.’”

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