Verrückt, the world's tallest water slide, reaches higher than many of the most notable landmarks on Earth.

Conceptualized in November 2012 by Jeff Henry, construction commenced in mid-2013. Shown here is a view down the hill from what would become the base of Verrückt.

Steel columns made from former railroad tanks were cut and refitted to form the water slide's tower.

Portions of Tower 1 are loaded onto a truck and headed to Kansas.

The first section of the steel tower, weighing 35,000 pounds, is lifted to be set in place.

Crews begin the process of bolting sections 1 and 2 together.

The spline of Verruckt is erected.

A look at the fiberglass arch before its placed atop what eventually would be named the world's tallest water slide on April 25.

More fiberglass sections are lifted into place and attached to the spline.

Portions of the 264 steps leading up to the top platform are put in place.

The construction crew reaches another milestone when it places the platform on top.

A look at the conveyor belt that will lift the four-person rafts to the top of the slide.

While the former tallest water slide in the world, Kilimanjaro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, relies on a hill for the bulk of its height, Verrückt's height comes from concrete and steel.

It's official. Verrückt is named the world's tallest waterslide, bumping the competition, Kilimanjaro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which held the title for 10 years.

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