Seaside Escape

The aquatics center was laid out to seamlessly separate various age groups. The clock tower/chimney, seen to the left, is placed prominently to serve as a landmark meeting place and beacon.

Style was taken into serious consideration. The colors were chosen to complement the NAC club logo. More importantly, the owners and designers chose the theme of an oceanside beach resort, so members could stay at the club and feel transported to the Jersey Shore or Atlantic City. The brick pavers, white and light blue colors, and hammock-style deck chairs offer that seaside feel.

The club now includes a lazy river, designed for teens and family. Play features are simple in design and free of strong theming to avoid an over-the-top feeling but provide a relaxed air. For a visual pop, the play features have translucent color panels that reflect their hues onto the deck. To reduce the use of water, energy and chemicals, the systems include regenerative filters. Variable-frequency drives were used on all larger pumps to save on energy. Designers estimated that the water- and energy-saving measures would pay for themselves in a couple years. The features are sanitized with ozone.

Say the designers: “The NAC Outdoor Resort Complex is a fulfillment of the owner’s dream to have an all-encompassing outdoor aquatic facility to enhance the club experience for their members. The pool area itself is extensive even by private-club standards, offering way more than the typical lap pool or play pool.”

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