Introducing Wet N Joy

The newly opened Wet N Joy in Lonavala, India, features multiple attractions by WhiteWater West.

Thunderr Waves

Patrons can find the wave of their size and liking in the 800,000-gallon Arabic Ocean wave pool at Wet N Fun in Lonavala, India. Thunderr Waves also can be rented out for private parties.


At Wet N Joy Waterpark in Lonavala, India, riders can descend through Whizzard's high speed Aqua Tubes that spiral alongside each other and fall into a surprising drop. With the side-by-side slides, patrons race each other without seeing their competition during the initial few seconds of the ride before entering the first loop and then accelerating straight to the splash.


At 429 feet long and 40 feet tall, the Tornadoo water slide at Wet N Joy Waterpark in Lonavala, India, features unpredictable twists and different sensations as riders pass through the different cylinders.

AquaPlay Rain Fortress

The Royal Castle is perhaps the most talked about attraction at Wet N Joy Waterpark in Lonavala, India. The tiki-themed AquaPlay RainFortress by WhiteWater West covers 10,000 square feet.

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