It’s said that there’s nothing new under the sun, but there sure seems to be a lot of new and exciting products in and around the aquatics world. Check out the items in the following pages and you will learn about innovative and practical new developments in everything from lighting, sanitizing and filtering systems to outdoor furniture, play and exercise equipment, and all manner of high-tech safety devices. There’s even information on a drill that works underwater and an MP3 player that conducts sound to the inner ear through the swimmer’s skull bones. And that’s just a start. As always, all product details were provided by the manufacturers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aquatics International. Need more? Each write-up includes the manufacturer’s phone number and web address.

AllChem Performance Products

Vantage Poly A Clarifier Tablets from AllChem Performance Products work with the pool filtration system to remove up to 99 percent of cryptosporidium. Poly A also aids in the rapid coagulation and removal of organic and inorganic compounds that cause dull or cloudy water. Poly A Tablets are a concentrated blend of synergistic polymer clarifiers in tablet form and are available in 10- and 42-pound package sizes. A commercial grade feeding device requiring no additional pumps also is available for proper application of the tablets. Contact: 352.378.9696;

Alta Enterprises

All the panels of Alta Enterprises’ pool covers are heat-welded together, so seam strength is significantly stronger than sewn panels. Also, there is no thread to deteriorate from exposure to chemicals or sunlight, and no perforations that weaken the fabric and allow water to absorb into the cover. The panels come with stainless steel grommets and reinforced fabric on grommet locations and the perimeter of the cover. Alta’s deck reels come with 8-inch locking casters, powder-coated stainless steel end frames and stretchers, and 5-by-.083-inch polished structural tubing. Contact: 800.624.1235;

Antiwave Pool Products

Antiwave Pool Products’ racing lanes are designed for hydrodynamic propulsion, which forces waves downward into the pool. A choice of 3-, 4¾- and 6-inch products is offered. Built to standard or custom lengths with attached supertensioner, the lanes will not fade or break due to UV rays or chemicals, according to company officials. Seventeen standard colors are available. Contact: 866.736.2183;

Aqua Creek Products

Aqua Creek now offers a new line of affordable, high-quality aquatic exercise equipment to help people stay fit. These pool bikes are made from durable, corrosion-resistant type 316L stainless steel. They feature ergonomic and adjustable designs, progressive resistance, and nonslip foot pedals suitable to be used with bare feet. Contact: 406.549.0769;

Aquastar Pool Products

Aquastar’s patent-pending, 20-inch Full Circle Suction Outlet Cover and One-Port Manufactured Sump is fully compliant with VGBA and does not require a second drain or SVRS. It’s surrounded by pebble/plaster so it appears to blend into the pool’s finish. The integrated AquaStop prevents water leaks. Contact: 877.768.2717;

Aquatic Commercial Industries

The VaporShield made by Aquatic Commercial Industries fits most acid/chlorine drums, from 5- to 52 gallons, and allows a pump to draw and empty the contents while sealing the drum and eliminating fuming. Contact: 800.660.5201;

Aquatic Recreation Co.

Infants and toddlers delight in soft water effects, a variety of colors, themed panels (including custom themes) and age-appropriate play on the new Tot Slide from Aquatic Recreation Co. Users climb up non-slip stairs and slide down a smooth, wetted surface, softly landing on a foam pad. ACR water-play equipment is easy to install, maintain and operate, and provides a safe play and learning environment. Contact: 877.632.0503;

Aquatic Safety Concepts

The iSWIMBAND by Aquatic Safety Concepts is a wearable sensor that alerts a Bluetooth-enabled portable device, such as an iPhone or iPad, if a swimmer has been submerged beyond preset limits. The lightweight headband fits most swimmers, and works with goggles and swim caps. It also comes with a tamperproof wristband that can be placed on a nonswimmer, such as a toddler, to send an alert when they enter the water. Contact: 888.439-9246;


The PearlSense T254 from Aquionics is a UV-T monitor that incorporates a UV-C LED light source in place of a conventional mercury lamp. It can be installed directly in a pipe, an open channel or used offline. UV-transmittance is measured automatically and displayed on the backlit LCD screen. Contact: 859.341.0710;


Auraco’s Spa Start-Up is formulated to remove phosphates, metals (copper, iron, etc.) and other organic debris from hot tub water. It should be used after every refill to prevent scaling and stains, and to keep water clear. Contact: 855.514.3370;

Backyard Pool Products

Pool Shot Parts Kits from Backyard Pool Products include 31 different hardware kits, rim kits, net kits and support pole kits for Pool Shot Products water basketball, football and volleyball games. The kits combine the exact replacement fasteners, plugs and other hardware for installing new basketball rims, volleyball nets and other parts. Each kit includes three waterproof basketballs, volleyballs or footballs, plus fresh decals. Kits are pre-packaged, stocked and ready to ship in a single box by UPS. Contact: 440.998.5635;

BECS Technology

BECS Technology introduces the SS Series Autofill Sensor for controlling pool water level with BECSys5 and BECSys7 water chemistry controllers. The SS Series sensor is easy to install, with configurations for surge tank, standpipe and sight glass counting. Integrating autofill with the BECSys controller provides the operator 24/7 access to autofill status using the “BECSysNow!” app, BECSys for Windows software and email/text message Autofill alarm notifications. Contact: 314.567.0088;

Bradford Products

Bradford’s UL-listed equipment pack assembly is a prefabricated, fully assembled system designed with ease of installation in mind. With all components mounted and wired to a central control box on the frame, simply position the BradPack and connect the plumbing to corresponding labeled stub-outs, then supply main power to the unit. The BradPack is available in 22 different configurations, according to the application. Contact: 800.438.1669,


ChlorKing Inc. makes salt chlorination systems that can be used on pools of any size. The company’s commercial saline chlorination systems (shown) employ single-cell technology, meaning there is no banking of multiple residential cells on one pool. The water-cooled power supply is suitable for use in extreme environments, and saturated salt feeders control the salt level in the pool, eliminating the need to add salt to the water manually. This product line is known for its ease of use and reliability.

Contact: 800.536.8180;

Colorado Time Systems

The Titanium Deckplate from Colorado Time Systems features titanium jacks, which are not susceptible to corrosion from pool water chemicals, such as chlorine and bromine. The peaks and valleys of the domed topography let water flow off, limiting corrosion through electrolysis. The deck plate provides a better signal, protects banana plugs, has smooth edges and will not turn yellow in the sun.

Contact: 970.667.1000;

Columbia Pool Products

Columbia’s Deluxe Mid-Range Sand Filter System is a new system with a new component configuration. Features include new PL16-6 filter tank with larger capacity, deluxe valve, 1hp pump, 1.5-inch hoses and connections, large HLX strainer and tank base. The system will handle all sizes of aboveground pools.

Contact: 718.402.8233;

Conger Concepts

Conger Concepts Inc. has released a line of pool service carts designed with the service technician in mind. No-flat, no-mark tires protect customers’ decks and walkways. Carts come with a powder-coated custom finish on a durable framework. Optional features include hose rack, vacuum head receiver and waterproof net. Contact: 805.235.4586;


ControlOMatic has improved the PoolWarden controller with the new PoolWarden DMTD, designed to control water chemistry in two bodies of water. The controller has the ability to measure pH, ORP, temperature and flow, and can maintain the water chemistry in two pools, two spas, or a pool and a spa. It includes four 110VAC relays and four dry contact relays. Wi-Fi/Ethernet options provide Internet connection to view current status and make changes to settings. Contact: 530.205.4520;

Delta UV 


Delta UV’s new EL LITE UV sanitation system is engineered and designed specifically for the disinfection of semicommercial pools and spas. The low-pressure UV system eradicates cryptosporidium, giardia, harmful pool and spa contaminants, and chlorine byproducts. It’s good for indoor pools, including low-flow-rate pools found at hotels, motels, country clubs, fitness clubs, and community pools and spas. The system sanitizes pool and spa water while reducing unwanted smells, as well as eye and skin irritations caused by chloramines in highly corrosive water. Contact: 866.889.8765;

Design Warehouse 

The outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse is designed in the USA and made of hand-woven, all-weather wicker wrapped around sturdy, rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum frames. Low maintenance and durable, the furniture is built from weatherproof materials and designed to withstand the environment. Contact: 305.215.8574;

Elemental Herbs 

Those going outdoors can keep covered from head to toe with Elemental Herbs’ all-natural sun care products, which go on smooth and clear. Offering UVA/UVB protection with organic healing herbs and oils, the products contain pure, non-nano zinc oxide as an active ingredient. The new, biodegradable formulas are ideal for swimming, running, hiking or just playing in the sun. Contact: 805.773.1000;

Empex Watertoys 

AQUATROPICA, made by Empex Watertoys, is an interactive water playground with a lush, tropical theme that includes palms, birds, monkeys, bugs and the like. The spraypark is fabricated from nonferrous materials and comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty. Contact: 866.833.8580;


Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player, made by Finis Inc., that uses Bone Conduction audio transmission to provide high-quality sound in the water without the use of ear buds. With 4GB of storage, aquatic athletes can listen to music, audio books and podcasts. Neptune attaches securely to goggle straps and rests on the cheekbones, so it does not interfere with swimming.
Contact: 925.290.2638;


The Seaside, Finnleo’s newest addition to its Designer Series saunas, recreates the feel of sitting “seaside” and relaxing on a comfortable reclining bench or chair. Features include a comfortable, tapered bench design, wide board T&G and an optional rock wall section. The Seaside also is available as a deluxe interior on any Finnleo custom sauna. Contact: 800.346.6536;

Hayward Commercial Pool Products 

Hayward Commercial Pool’s CrystaLogic white LED lighting features100W spa, 300W, and 500W equivalent LED pool lights for any recreational body of water or feature.The low-voltage,12V white LED lights offer substantial energy savings over incandescent lights. The two-wire, all-plastic design, with an unbreakable lens and UL listing for safe installation, is good for retrofits. Contact: 800.657.2287;

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