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Horizon Pool & Spa Parts 

PAL LED Optics is an LED swimming pool perimeter and water feature light. Control of the color shows is accomplished with a handheld remote or optional app for smart phones. PAL LED Optics can be installed as a stand-along system or integrated with all new and existing PAL Color Touch light control systems. UL listing of all products allows commercial installation.
Contact: 866.388.3398;

HVAC Covers 

These custom-made pool heater covers are designed for off-season use, and made to fit the make and model of the end-user’s pool heater/heat pump unit with enough clearance from the bottom to allow sufficient airflow to avoid condensation. Made of heavy-duty vinyl with a fleece-like backing, the covers are available in an assortment of colors. Contact: 727.862.7309;


Constructed with soft, water-resistant polyester and sturdy polypropylene for lasting durability and comfort, Hydro-Fit Weighted Cuffs provide flexible and secure weighted support for aquatic fitness and wellness activities. The unique four-pocket design allows weight variations using multiple combinations of Hydro-Fit Water Weights. Available in three weights and two fastening systems: Standard and Secure Fit, which ensures a greater level of fastening when heavier weights are used. Contact: 800.346.7295,

Industrial Test Systems

The new eXact iDip by Industrial Test Systems harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to handle complex water testing. The smartphone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproof, handheld unit, with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included. Contact: 803.329.9712;

IPS Controllers

The NSF certification requirements are making their way into building codes and IPS Controllers, manufacturer of chemical controllers, has achieved NSF certification under NSF/ANSI 50 on all models it produces. IPS Controllers offers a full line of chemical controllers with a variety of features at different price points for pools, spas and waterfeatures of all sizes. Contact: 877.693.6904;

J&J Electronics

J&J Electronics introduces its new LED Underwater Fountain Luminaries. Available in “Color Changing,” “Warm White” and “Cool White,” the system features contemporary styling, stainless steel construction and a zero-pixilation lens. Contact: 800.735.4553;

Kay Park Recreation

Kay Park Recreation Corp.’s fiberglass pedal boats are self-draining and have regreaseable bearings. They feature 100 percent foam-filled pontoons. Contact: 800.553.2476;

LaMotte Co.

In just 60 seconds, LaMotte Co.’s Mobile WaterLink Spin photometer measures free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, calcium harness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, copper, iron and borate. All of the test results are sent through Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone or tablet device. Contact: 800.344.3100;

Lincoln Aquatics

The new Acid Fume Separator from Lincoln Aquatics prevents corrosion and equipment damage in the mechanical room caused by acid fumes. The AFS captures and neutralizes acid fumes, allowing acid tanks to be completely sealed. The refillable media turns color when it’s time to be replaced. The AFS nonmetallic module includes media, vent assembly and tank connection kit. Contact: 800.223.5450;


The new NSF-listed Pulsar feeders have an HMI touch-screen control box that allows the feeder to wash down automatically, turn the booster pump on and off for less energy usage and control the safety switches. The feeder will accurately dose a highly concentrated 2 percent chlorine solution. Contact: 800.654.6019;

Mark’s Pool Services

Mark’s Pool Service has cast aluminum replacement handles for the Jandy Gold Standard ball valves. They are easy to install and virtually unbreakable. Contact: 269.342.8123;


MistAMERICA’s Mist360 outdoor cooling system has been upgraded with a stronger, quieter fan. The Mist360 integrates misting with a high-speed fan that disperses cool, dry air in a 360-degree pattern. The cool air, derived from evaporated mist, cools outdoor areas effectively, even when temperatures are extreme and humidity high. Contact: 602.255.0500;

Most Dependable Fountains

Most Dependable Fountains Inc. introduces a wall-mount shower. Model 500 WMSS is recommended for any beach or outdoor public area, and is available in 17 standard powder-coated colors. Contact: 800.552.6331;

Myron L Co.

Myron L Co.’s new ORP and temperature tester, the ULTRAPEN PT3, features dip and scoop sampling for standing bodies of water and vertical streams for real-time analysis. It’s constructed of durable aircraft aluminum and has easy-to-read LCD and one-button functions. Contact: 800.869.7668;

Myrtha Pools

Myrtha Track Start Blocks are the newest starting blocks to facilitate the swimmer’s takeoff and optimize competition performance. They are composed of a patented Omega platform that is compatible with the Omega Timing System and licensed to Myrtha. The platform is designed to provide the athlete with a more stable base for the “track start” takeoff. Specifically, the footrest permits a swimmer to start with their back leg at a 90-degree angle, obtaining an ideal position for the launch. Contact: 941.955.2591;

National Swimming Pool Foundation

The 2014 edition of NSPF’s Pool & Spa Operator Handbook now is available in English and Spanish, with important updates in chapters 2, 6, 16 and Appendix C-3. This fundamental training and reference manual is valued by professionals who help protect people using aquatic venues. The handbook also is a key teaching tool utilized by NSPF instructors when they conduct the Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) Course. Contact: 719.540.9119;

Natural Flow Pool Gutters

Natural Flow swimming pool overflow systems is a tiled, precast concrete gutter system that offers many advantages over stainless steel and free-form concrete gutters. Contact: 484.999.1448;

Nemo Tools 

Nemo is a submersible electric drill. Unlike pneumatic and hydraulic systems, which require compressors and tubing, the Nemo is battery powered, making it easy to use underwater and on dry land. Contact: 415.704.4363;

Nordesco Industries 

Nordesco’s Aquatic Fitness Belt is made of molded EVA foam and designed to offer comfort and buoyancy. Its ergonomic shape molds to the body and supports the moving swimmer in position. Available in three sizes, this belt can be used for cardiovascular and muscular exercises at variable intensity. Practical for rehabilitation following leg or back injuries.
Contact: 866.560.3715;

Pentair Commercial Aquatics 

Pentair Commercial’s new AmerBrite LED lamp allows users to switch out old Amerlite incandescent bulbs for new, energy-efficient LED lights without the hassle and cost of replacing the existing Amerlite light fixture. The UL- and CUL-certified LED lamps use 34 to 51 watts of power and are available in 300-, 400- and 500-watt equivalencies, in 120V or 12V versions.
Contact: 800.831.7133;

Locca Lost & Found Services 

The LoccaMini and LoccaPhone are water- and shock-proof GPS tracking devices. They reach international distances with their incorporation of a SIM card, FSK, GSM cell triangulation, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Assisted GPS technology and, with the LoccaPhone, Wi-Fi. The LoccaPhone also comes with stronger battery life, an emergency button, speed dialing, and microphone and speakers for calls, allowing users to generate emergency phone calls when needed. Contact: 310.777.7546;

Prozone Water Products 

Prozone Water Products’ patented, hybrid Advanced Oxidation Processors combine ozone with UV-C to deliver oxidation and water purification by destroying chloramines, bacteria and viruses while saving chemicals. Sized for Legionella and cryptosporidium destruction, turnkey skid systems include counterflow, contracting and degas columns tested to ANSI/NSF 50 by UL. Contact: 256.539.4570;


Raypak Inc.’s Professional Series gas heater line is perfect for small or light commercial applications, as well as high-end pools or as the ultimate solution for tough job sites. Stainless steel is used extensively throughout the units to ensure they can withstand harsh environments. The heaters come with a warranty: three years parts and labor, five years parts on the heat exchanger. Contact: 805.278-5300;


Wibit Sports FlatTop Inflatables from Recreonics can be joined together and feature a double-wall construction, allowing them to take on a low-profile design and a virtually flat surface. Standalone inflatables are designed to complement modular inflatables and increase the activity at the pool. All Wibit Inflatables are configurable in any layout.
Contact: 800.428.3254;

Rehab Systems 

The fully ADA-compliant Aquatrek ADA Transfer System from Rehab Systems, LLC, can be used as the primary ADA access point for leisure rivers, wave-action pools, therapy pools, sand-bottom pools, spas and other pools where access to the water is limited to one area, and everyone gets in and out at the same place. Contact: 800.726.8620;


Ritron’s Quick Assist wireless callbox enhances customer service and safety by providing guests with a fast, easy way to request assistance with mechanical lifts for pools. When the Quick Assist call button is depressed, two-way radio-equipped personnel are alerted with a customized voice message, allowing them to respond quickly and appropriately. Wireless and battery-operated, it works with existing two-way radios. Contact: 800.872.1872;

S.R. Smith 

S.R. Smith has introduced a new line of Swim N’ Dunk commercial basketball games. Designed to stand up to tough competitors and tough environments, the games are available in a dual post style or a RockSolid, single-post style, both with strong, durable backboards. The salt-friendly games feature a SealedSteel frame and rim that resists scratches and corrosion.
Contact: 800.824.4387;


SeaKlear’s Particle Removal System (PRS) is a filtration product providing a two-part system formulated to enhance filtration by trapping cryptosporidium, E. coli and giardia in the pool’s filter, in addition to removing dirt and oil. It can trap particles down to 0.5 microns and is WQA- and NSF/ANSI 60-certified. Contact: 866.995.5327;

Seresco USA

Seresco USA’s WebSentry Mobile smartphone app works seamlessly with the firm’s Web browser-based software/hardware application to provide facility managers and service contractors real-time remote monitoring and programming of Seresco indoor pool dehumidifiers. In addition to automatically sending an alarm to factory technicians if there’s an operational problem, the app provides online troubleshooting for quick execution of repairs, reducing on-site service call time and facility closures.Contact: 770.457.3392; 


SlidePad landing pads from SlideRenu are chlorine-resistant and custom made with PolySoft, a polyolefin material that is hygienic and fungistatic. It does not contain any nutritive medium, so there’s no mold growth. PolySoft is resilient and soft under foot, won’t crack or fade, and withstands UV exposure and submersion in chlorinated water for years, according to the company. Contact: 440.930.2490;

Spec Chem Direct

Spec Chem Direct’s new 3-Month Algaecide is designed to kill and prevent blue, green, black and mustard algae, which can put an unnecessary strain on filtration systems and lead to unhealthy water conditions. The product eliminates and prevents future algae growth and outbreaks. Good for spring start-ups and winterizing treatments for commercial aquatics facilities. Contact: 425.443.0082;

Stark Bulkheads

Stark Bulkheads’ one-piece fiberglass bulkheads are made to float and reposition without damaging pool or deck tile, and do not produce the trampoline effect, according to the company. Contact: 360.403.7707;

Sun Ports

The Custom Cantilever Waves structures from USA Shade’s Sun Ports provide shade for those looking to take a break from the sun. The structures utilize fabrics that blend in with the design themes of the facility. Contact: 800.966.5005;

T-Star Enterprises 

EnergySaver insulated cover systems by T-Star Enterprises are precision crafted using the highest quality materials and workmanship. They are backed by the longest factory warranty in the industry, according to company officials. The systems include stainless steel storage reels with a lifetime factory warranty and EOS, a safe, battery-powered automatic rewinder.
Contact: 510.635.2736;

Taylor Technologies 

Taylor Technologies’ new hard-sided carrying case is designed to transport the TTi 2000 Colorimeter and associated water-testing supplies securely, withstanding years of use on a service route. Its rugged construction includes a waterproof, airtight, neoprene O-ring seal along the perimeter and a second gasket around the meter cavity for extra protection from vapors and liquids. It holds up to 12 colorimeter tests in their color-coded packs, or a combination of these packs and 2-ounce liquid reagents. The case measures 20 inches wide,
155/8 inches deep, and 51/2 inches high. Contact: 800.837.8548;

Triad Technologies 

The ADA Easy Stair from Triad Technologies is fully ADA-compliant and a cost-effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of access. It is portable and removable, with no pool anchoring or bonding required, and has a load capacity of 500 pounds. The step now includes two-step entry platform option, wear strips for gutter lip, foot pads for vinyl liners and strap-on deck dolly. Contact: 800.729.7514;

Tropical Expressions 

Tropical Expressions’ new Royal Windswept Coconut Palm Tree offers shade along with tropical ambiance. Cast from live palm trees, its UV-resistant palm fronds are designed to blow freely in the wind for the realistic, natural look of real palm trees. Contact: 732.899.1733;

Vortex Aquatic Structures International 

Vortex Aquatic Structures International has developed the new Ombrello line of products based on the theme of Dancing in the Rain. The structures feature a tall tube of brushed steel topped with Seeflow domes in red or yellow that rain down a gentle stream of water. Combine multiple Ombrellos to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for any aquatic play space, or add an Ombrello Twist or Ombrello Spin option for interactive play. Contact: 877.586.7839,

Water Gear 

The low-profile, anatomic design of Water Gear’s Swim Clip fits most noses to keep water out. It has polycarbonate construction for prolonged life and pressure. Hypoallergenic TRP pads provide good comfort and seal. The clip includes a carrying case for protection and storage. Contact: 800.794.6432;

Water Odyssey

This functional art meant for play is Water Odyssey’s new ColorCast design line. It introduces new colors, shapes, textures and spray effects to the aquatics industry. Visually pleasing, the hand-crafted features create fun new ways to spray and play. Contact: 512.392.1155;

Water Tech

Water Tech Corp.’s Pool Blaster Hercules 9000 multifunction robotic pool cleaner filters up to 9,960 gallons per hour and cleans pools up to 12,000 square feet. The internal microfilter bag removes debris down to 2 microns. The built-in obstacle sensor ensures against climbing out of beach-entry pools or getting caught on ladders and obstacles. Contact: 800.298.8800;

Waterplay Solutions

Curved blades of dew-covered grass, tall wildflowers and smooth surf stones surround a cast of characters in Grasslands, from Waterplay Solutions Corp. Designed to spark children’s imaginations through the wonder of nature, Grasslands also incorporates interactive, critter-shaped ground sprays and Waterplay’s Discovery Stream. Contact: 250.712.3393;

WhiteWater West Industries

WhiteWater West Industries’ SilkGel is a fiberglass coating designed to bring water slides back to life. The eco-friendly, low-maintenance product offers excellent color retention, with a 10-year warranty against fading and chalking. It’s now the standard for all WhiteWater flumes. Contact: 604.273.1068 ;

Zoo Noodles

Zoo Noodles are 3-in-1 float, squirter and play pals. They are constructed of soft, marine-grade UV-protected fabric, filled with aquatic-safe foam beads. Besides being lightweight, they dry quickly, last from one season to the next, float up to 200 pounds and have multisensory features that appeal to children. Contact: 919.906.3408;


ZR-tek’s Pure Rain Water mineral ionizer helps eliminate allergies, odors and irritation. It uses copper mineral ions to provide an alternative water treatment for pools, spas, fountains and commercial applications. Contact: 626.209.3041;